Updated Kitchen That Is Daughter Approved!


The Challenge: When my husband, Mike, and I bought our new house, we liked everything about it – except for one not-so-tiny thing. The house was built in 1991, which was obvious as soon as you stepped into the kitchen. The florescent light boxes attached to the ceiling were an eyesore, and the cabinets were too “country” for our taste. There was also a stove in the kitchen island, and a second one right behind it. I didn’t need two stoves, so it was a waste of space as far as I was concerned.

When I told my daughter, who happens to be an interior designer, that I was thinking of giving the kitchen a sleeker, more modern facelift, she agreed – on one condition. “You have to work with a designer,” she said. My daughter had the good sense not to do the job herself; I love my daughter, she has fantastic taste, and I think she’s an incredibly talented designer, but we both knew that I would be her worst nightmare as a client. So rather than risking our relationship, I took her advice and headed to Kitchen & Bath Design Studio.
The Process: When I walked in and met my designer, I had to admit I was nervous. She looked so young, she might as well have been my daughter! As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about. She was an utter delight to work with, a true professional who demonstrated great patience, took detailed notes while we talked, and resolved every issue that came along immediately. For example, when our quartz countertops arrived, they’d been cut incorrectly. The designer took care of the mistake so quickly that I didn’t even have time to worry about it.
The most impressive thing about our designer, however, was that in addition to knowing what our kitchen needed, she also knew what I needed. I’m terrible at making decisions and if I have too many options, I get overwhelmed. To make things easier on me, our designer preemptively narrowed my choices down to two or three options. Having limits made choosing so much easier! In short, my Kitchen and Bath Designer was top of the line, very professional, and the whole process from start-to-finish was easy, efficient and expertly executed.
The Result:We decided to do an up-fit instead of a complete remodel, salvaging what we could in our well-built, if dated, kitchen. We even managed to update those country cabinets with new hardware, which made them look much more modern! We installed a new backsplash, using large 6” to 8” inch tiles in a green-gray woven pattern, and I love our quartz countertops – they look just like granite, yet they are stain, heat and scratch-resistant and virtually maintenance-free. Those ugly florescent boxes were replaced with recessed can lights and a modern chandelier over the kitchen island, which transported our kitchen from the early 90’s straight to the 21st century.
The Final Word: : The best part of the remodel was our daughter’s reaction. When she visited and saw our stylish, updated kitchen, she gave it her interior-designer stamp of approval. “I love it!” she said. Finally, something mother and daughter can both agree on! —Carole Russo