What Does Your Tile Say About You?

Kitchens and baths are often tiled for utilitarian reasons. Tile is, after all, a clean and elegant choice: it is easy to maintain and strong enough for the most highly-trafficked areas of your home. But tile is more than a surface-deep solution for floors, countertops, and backsplashes. Thanks to countless options in material, color, shape, and size, tile is also a way express your unique style and honor your creative muse.
When selecting tile, we consider the factors that follow to arrive at a tile design that will showcase your one-of-a-kind personality.


Tile comes in many different forms and each material will tell a slightly different story once it’s in your home. For example, marble tile is beautiful and unique with intricate patterns, a great choice for those whose tastes are elegant and expensive. Concrete, on the other hand, is man-made, durable and water-resistant, a good choice for urban, industrial-chic décors. Terra cotta dates back to before the birth of Christ, and to this day it carries a rustic, old-country aura. Whatever your design inspiration, you can bet there’s a tile material that will capture it.


There was a time when tile came in two shapes – square and rectangle. Thanks to advancements in technology, tile can now be found in nearly every shape and size. From futuristic 3D textures that beg to be touched to damask tile perfect for a Bohemian kitchen, the options are endless.


When it comes to shades and hues, tile is just as versatile as your walls. An ombre backsplash with shaded, graduated color, for example, is a great way to bring in color and interest, creating a youthful kitchen with a sense of humor. Uplifting Caribbean blue glass tiles create a cheery, coastal feel. The bright pop of penny tile, when used in small doses, is a great way to show off your fun-loving side. Color is the perfect way to create a mood and capture a feeling, and tile is another opportunity to do just that.

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As if material, shape, and color weren’t enough, even the way you lay your tile can be an opportunity for self-expression. For example, if you’re a person who strives for a clean, minimalist look, a simple straight layout can showcase the beauty of an intricate tile without going overboard. On the other hand, a diagonal design can be pleasant surprise, while making a small room appear more expansive. And for those who want a truly sophisticated look, a herringbone pattern is the perfect way to elevate an otherwise plain tile design into something special.
No matter who you are or what your style, choosing the right tile can help you express your deepest design truths. Kitchen & Bath Design Studio is here to help you make these choices.