Single Dad Serves Up Food In Style


The Challenge: When you rent a home, as I did for five years, there is always something you wish you could change. In my case, it was the kitchen. When I bought the property from my landlord last year, I knew that remodeling the kitchen would be at the top of my list.

As a business owner and a single dad, I also knew that I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to the project. Furthermore, I didn’t have a complete vision of what I wanted. My list of “must-haves” was very succinct: dark wood cabinets, a television, and a place where people could gather while I cooked. When I visited the Kitchen & Bath Design Studio and saw the incredible model kitchens in their showroom, I knew a designer could take my short list and turn it into something great.
The Process: During my initial meetings with my Kitchen & Bath Designer, my Designer asked dozens of questions to get a sense of my style. As a man without a strong interest in design, I couldn’t stomach the overwhelming idea of reviewing countless colors, surfaces and hardware. My Designer expertly narrowed down each choice to three selections. She had pinpointed my aesthetic so well, that the only “problem” was that I inevitably liked all three! Still, I’d rather choose from three samples than three hundred, and her ability to handpick items I loved put me completely at ease. I confidently gave Kitchen & Bath Design Studio free reign with the design – with the one goal that we could serve food in style.
The Result: Before the renovation, the kitchen felt like an afterthought. We gutted the chopped-up kitchen to accommodate a more functional design created by Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. The result was an astonishing transformation that completely changed the way the space works and feels, making the kitchen the focal point in the house. The awkward U-shaped counter was replaced by a center island with a sink and seating. We moved appliances to create a better working triangle and replaced the electric stove with a gas stove. Over-and-under cabinet lighting has made a huge difference. And practically speaking, I like the big pull-out trash receptacle. I now have my dark cabinets – maple with a dark espresso finish – and although every man would love to have an 80-inch TV in their kitchen, I happily compromised with a less-intrusive 32-inch unit thanks to my Designer’s sensible influence.
The Final Word: Both my eleven-year-old daughter and I think our new kitchen is great. Life in our “before” kitchen consisted of a lot of take-out food and pizza deliveries. Now that I have a kitchen I enjoy, I use it often and I’m willing to (attempt to) cook anything! —Mark Pacheco