From Mind’s Eye To Mountaintop:
Your Journey To A Rockin’ Kitchen Or Bath

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest?

We haven’t either, but there are a few interesting parallels between that expedition and the one known as Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bath. For example, we doubt you would attempt to climb the earth’s highest mountain without a human guide who has been up that road before. You would trust that guide (or “Sherpa”) to have all the right supplies and resources to successfully make the journey. And you would consider your guide worth every penny as he helps make sure you live to tell about the trek.

The good news is your odyssey with Kitchen & Bath Design Studio won’t involve frostbite, avalanches or supplemental oxygen. Here are a few other benefits of hiring us:From base camp to destination. Designers have the skills not only to translate your vision, but to see the needs you didn’t even realize you had. They weave materials, appliances, fittings, styles, finishes, layouts and function all together into a residential kitchen design (or residential bath design) that maximizes your space, resources and budget — with breathtaking results.

Unseen possibilities unveiled. We want your kitchen or bath to reach its full potential in terms of beauty and purpose. That’s why we research all the possibilities for any given space and budget. Over and over again our clients tell us, “I never knew that was even an option to consider.”

Planning is everything. We can help maximize small spaces, or plan the working triangle of the kitchen, or bring order to odd footprints. Plus we know which showrooms and vendors will best suit your project. And when we don’t know every detail, we know where to look.

We know the lingo. We speak the same language as your architect, homebuilder, contractor or interior designer. So everybody’s on the same page of the blueprint.

What’s up, doc? If you’ve ever needed a doctor who specializes in a specific part of the body, you understand that Kitchen and Bath Designers have a specialized knowledge about what’s safe, how best to use the space, how long a project will take and more.

Well worth it. Having a professional Kitchen and Bath Designer at your side represents a small fraction of most renovation budgets. And yet considering how a designer’s expertise saves time and money, avoids high-cost mistakes and ensures a happy outcome…it’s simply money well spent.

Breathe….no extra oxygen required.Designers will reduce that sense of being overwhelmed with options and questions: “Out of all these styles, which one is best for me?” “That product looks great in the catalog, but will it work in in my kitchen?” “What’s the very best way to maximize my bathroom space?” And so on. Kitchen & Bath Design Studio replaces questions with all the right answers, so you can relax.

We know the ropes:

  • Nearly a decade serving the Cape Fear coastal region
  • More than 50 years of combined business and professional design experience
  • Personal attention and service — before, during and after your project
  • Finest cabinet lines available nationwide at the greatest value
  • Cabinet lines priced from middle to upper-middle to high-end, in nearly every conceivable style and color





Ready to make the ascent with us? When we’re finished, you’re going to feel like you’re on top of the world.

Contact us today and let’s get started.