When We Collaborate,
You Win.

To the architect, builder, contractor, interior designer, appliance retailer or any other partner of homeowners who are building or renovating — welcome to Kitchen & Bath Design Studio!

MYTH: Too many cooks in the kitchen.

You’re probably thinking that adding a Kitchen & Bath Designer to the mix is akin to having too many cooks in the kitchen. Understandable. However, our experience has revealed that a designer’s contribution is actually part of a gourmet dinner, with each partner bringing his or her own special dish to make the meal worthy of a spread in Gourmet.

REALITY: We bring a lot to the table.  And make you look great in the process:

We know our role. If you’re an architect, you’re the one to decide where to put the kitchen and bath. We’re the ones who know the best spots for the lift-up mixer, pop-up outlets and other cabinetry details. In other words, our work helps you focus on the grand plan. The same goes for custom builders, contractors, interior designers and other allies. As your trade partner, we understand the unique challenges you face; we simply do our part to help you in the niche areas of kitchen and bath design.We know our place. We’re respectful of your relationships with your clients and do everything we can not to interfere. Keeping your clients satisfied takes a mixture of creativity, exceptional quality products and superb customer service. Partnering with Kitchen & Bath Design Studio gives your clients all of the above when choosing their cabinetry, countertops, tile and appliances.

Services that complement yours. We have expertise and experience providing services that work seamlessly with yours. No matter the scope or type of project, our goal is to make your job easier by designing beautiful, workable kitchens and baths, while supplying high-quality products and high-end kitchen cabinets. Thanks to our extensive product knowledge, you can feel confident partnering with fellow experts.

Show and tell. Step one foot into our first-class showroom, conveniently located on Kerr Avenue in the heart of Wilmington, NC, and you’ll see why Kitchen & Bath Design Studio is an industry leader. We encourage you to bring in clients for a pre-scheduled visit, where one of our designers can introduce our product lines, give live demonstrations and assist you with design for an entire kitchen and bath or for cabinetry only.Let your clients visualize the kitchen or bath of their dreams thanks to custom vignettes showcasing the latest trends, finishes and design details. You’ll save time and energy as one of our designers guides you through a hand-chosen selection of cabinetry, appliances, countertops, moldings and other products, designed for the looks our coastal customers crave — all in one convenient spot.  (Special note: While we are delighted to share our showroom with trade professionals, we do ask that all visits are scheduled and one of our knowledgeable designers accompanies you as you look around.)

Top-tier brands. Count on everything you’ll need for any cabinetry project. We represent top cabinet brands such as Cabico, Durasupreme and Six Square, in addition to custom countertop surfaces, decorative hardware and every accessory under the sun. Such a wide range of products allows our designers to create beautiful custom kitchens unique to our coastal area, and in line with your client’s budget.

On-site warehouse.  Kitchen & Bath Design Studio offers an on-site warehouse facility and delivery staff. This means untold convenience and cost savings for our customers, especially if their project gets delayed. Product damage is minimized as well.

Freeing up your time. Below are just a few of the services we offer, giving you time to work on the big-picture parts of your project:

  • Field measurement services.
  • Cabinetry design and administration of the staggering paperwork.
  • Pricing and materials options for trend-setting custom materials.
  • Materials inspiration, research and specification.


NOTE TO BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS: Are you building a “spec” home, or a home that doesn’t yet have a prospective homeowner? We can work with you directly and discuss your vision of the kitchen and/or bathrooms. The style of the home, your preferred appliances, budget for the cabinetry and more are all taken into consideration. We simply need the architectural plans and we can start working. Of course, if you do have a home buyer lined up, we can work with both of you on details and aesthetics.

NOTE TO ARCHITECTS & CUSTOM BUILDERS: We’re no strangers to working with architects and custom builders who already have established floor plans with roughly laid-out cabinetry as a guideline to define the space. These professionals count on us for our cabinetry expertise, especially with the details: does this cabinet need a pot organizer? Where should we put the mixer lift? Is it better to use a regular faucet or pot-filling faucet in the kitchen island sink? We were born to answer these questions.

NOTE TO INTERIOR DESIGNERS: You’ve got the vision for an entire house, but when it comes to the details of the cabinetry, it sure would be helpful to have access to specialized knowledge and attention to detail. We’re on it. We can help make sure your client’s space doesn’t just look beautiful, but functions beautifully, too.





There’s no “i” in gourmet meal.

Let’s work together to create a delicious experience for your clients!


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