Reid Coyner

Desiging Cabinetry for Kitchens and Baths in Wilmington, NCReid Coyner’s ancestry reaches back through 14 generations of North Carolina history. Reid’s own life has further solidified his deep connection to this state: he has lived in several North Carolina towns, from the mountains to the sea, before finally settling in Wilmington.

A true Renaissance man, Reid majored in Textile Design (with a concentration in Engineering) at NC State and designed jacquard fabrics in an earlier career. Reid is also a watercolor painter, print maker, musician, and gardener.

Professionally, one of his greatest creative challenges was a project designing cabinetry solutions for twenty-eight different rooms in a massive Greensboro, NC estate. There were several kitchens, his and her craft rooms, a gift-wrapping room and more, but the owner wanted to use the same ‘vanilla’ cabinetry everywhere. Reid convinced him to be more adventurous: “When the ice cream counter has more than 35 flavors,” he laughs, “I say, ‘Have fun!’”

If you had your own design show on TV, what would you call it?

“Highly Principalled Designs: Principal sounds are unique to the pipe organ. The double entendre speaks to my passion for the instrument and also to my belief that good design cannot exist without honest materials and craftsmanship executed with integrity. I put my heart (and soles!) into my music, my art, and my designs; the show would reflect that.” ~ Reid