We pour our hearts and souls into every project we touch. So when a client pours on the praise, it makes our day. Consider these kudos assurance that you, too, can be this happy.


Couple Puts Wedding on Hold to Plan a Fairytale Remodel

When we finally had the opportunity to buy a spacious three-story single-family home in our dream neighborhood, we jumped at the chance, even though the property, built in the mid-80’s required a major remodel. We tackled every project on our own from roofing to plumbing to flooring, but when it came to the kitchen and bath we brought in the pros. Knowing I could count on experts to order, receive, and coordinate the intricacies of the install process for our kitchen and bath helped me sleep better at night.

The designers from Kitchen and Bath Design Studio made the whole process smooth and easy, and they expertly handled all the tiny details involved with a kitchen and bath remodel. We now have a home that we can live and grow in for a long, long time—and my fiancée and I are still happily engaged. In fact, our kitchen and bath are so picture-perfect, they’ve both been featured in a magazine. Now that’s what I call a fairytale remodel! I’m grateful for Kitchen and Bath Design Studio’s help; my only regret is that I can’t hire them to plan my wedding, too!
–Christy Coltrain and Cale Lewis

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Lanier-Kitchen Cooking Up a Family’s Dream Kitchen from Scratch

Although I’m not a professional, I think I have a good eye for design. I know what I like, and I considered designing the kitchen on my own, but the number of options available today is almost overwhelming. Plus, my husband (a neat freak) and I (a not-so-neat freak) prefer different looks: he’s modern and I’m rustic.  Combine those challenges with our busy lifestyle and the pressures of building a new house, and we decided to hire Kitchen & Bath Design Studio.   I’m so glad we did!  There’s no way I could have created such a beautiful, functional kitchen which is the perfect blend of our styles. — Katie Lanier

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Davidson-Kitchen An Artist’s Dream Becomes a Design Reality

When I bought a new house in a developing neighborhood, I worked with a local builder who specializes in new construction. But as an artist with eclectic tastes, the thought of a cookie-cutter kitchen with mass-produced cabinets broke my heart. I visited Kitchen & Bath Design Studio one afternoon on a whim, and it was love at first sight—I found the backsplash tile I had been dreaming of and a designer who “got me” right away. In the end I got everything I wanted in my kitchen, and more—a little bit traditional with a dose of Eva Gabor glamour and so much storage, I can even store my Christmas china in my kitchen island! I have to admit – before working with Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Now, however, it’s impossible to resist the allure of my gorgeous new kitchen. The only downside is that it’s so pretty, I’m almost afraid to get it dirty! –Alexis Davidson

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Pacheco-Kitchen Single Dad Now Serves Up Food in Style

As a business owner and a single dad, I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to my kitchen remodel and although I had a short list of “must-haves”, I didn’t have a complete vision. My Kitchen & Bath Designer asked dozens of questions to get a feel for my taste and then provided me with three great selections for every choice from flooring to drawer pulls. Design-wise, I gave my designer free reign and I couldn’t be happier with what she created; the result was an astonishing transformation that completely changed the way the space works and feels, making the kitchen the focal point in our home. Life in our “before” kitchen consisted of a lot of take-out food and pizza deliveries. Now that I have a kitchen I enjoy, I use it often and I’m willing to (attempt to) cook anything! —Mark Pacheco

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Senior Couple In Bathroom Brushing Teeth Bath Remodel Prompts Couple to Consider a Bathroom Party

After learning that a construction flaw had caused our bathroom plumbing to leak unnoticed, we needed to update our master bathroom while effecting the necessary repairs. We contacted Kitchen & Bath Design Studio and were paired with designer Jo Hancock. She was a perfect match for my detail-oriented, perfectionistic husband.  Jo managed to exceed his very high expectations and work a scheduling miracle around our daughter’s wedding, completing the job in record time during the first week of December! Our new bathroom is not only beautiful; it’s also functional, relaxing, and easy to clean. It was well worth every minute and every penny spent.  In fact, we were so delighted with our master bath, we wanted to host a bathroom party instead of a holiday party!  To this day, at least once a week, my hard-to-impress husband will announce, “I love this bathroom!”  Coming from him, that is the ultimate endorsement. —Sally Freas

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green diamond isolated on white “Crown Jewel” Kitchen and Master Bath Projects Worthy of “Oohs” and “Aahs”

My husband and I wanted to make changes to our master bath and kitchen that would not just serve our family’s needs, but also increase the future resale value of the home. Because we had absolutely no spare time to serve as project managers of the renovations, we reached out to Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. The designers incorporated my ideas and gave additional options in line with my aesthetics; things that I never would have thought of or even known about. In the end, as evidenced by the “oohs” and “aahs” from our friends and family members, it looks like we definitely achieved the timeless kitchen and bath “crown jewels” we desired. —Laurie Pitts

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Mother Daughter iStock_000014673372XXXLarge An Updated Kitchen That’s Both Daughter and Interior Designer Approved!

When I told my daughter, who is an interior designer, that I wanted to update our early 90’s kitchen, she agreed – on one condition. “You have to work with a Kitchen & Bath designer!” I’m so glad I took her advice. Thanks to Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, we managed to stay within our budget while achieving the sleek and modern update we wanted. Even my daughter loved the choices and solutions I selected with our designer’s guidance. Finally, something mother and daughter can both agree on!
—Carole Russo

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