Tonya Nesselroade
Owner/Business Manager

tonyaTonya is the heart, soul and backbone of Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. She comes by her business savvy honestly, thanks to 20-plus years at Fortune 100 firms General Electric, International Paper and Abbott Laboratories, where she gained valuable executive, sales and human resource management skills. Along with big-business wisdom, Tonya has an entrepreneurial spirit that’s led to owning and operating several small companies.

So how did she get into the world of kitchen and bath design? “A nudge from God,” says Tonya. In 2008, she became Managing Partner of the Wilmington franchise of Kitchen & Bath Galleries. Then in 2013, with encouragement from her family, Tonya rebranded the company as Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, an independent entity.

Tonya’s day-to-day duties run the gamut from sales and marketing to accounting and customer service.

She couldn’t be more excited about Kitchen & Bath Design Studio’s success: “No matter how large or small the project here, our team’s dedication is obvious in the quality of work we produce.”

When she can tear herself away from her work, this Garner, North Carolina, native loves being a mom and wife. “I’m blessed with an awesome family to keep me balanced. I can go on and on about my family. We are the Griswalds from ‘Christmas Vacation.’ I married Clark!”

If you had your own design show on TV, what would you call it?

“Tonya’s Angels. We joke about being Charlie’s Angels because of we have a trio of women designers. Our contractor is sort of like our Bosley. I see myself as Charlie, since he was always working behind the scenes like I am.” -Tonya