Light Up Your Kitchen With These Bright Ideas

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” ~Aaron Rose


Task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, ambient lighting; as the old adage goes, “Lighting is everything.” We all know brides look best in soft, natural light, and that a single candle can make an everyday dinner suddenly special. Yet when it comes to kitchen and bath design, lighting is often the last thing people consider. In reality, it should be one of the first. How else will you show off your marble countertops and intricate backsplash, not to mention the food you lovingly prepare?

The challenge of lighting a kitchen is that the room has so many uses, from drinking coffee while reading the morning paper, to serving as a place where guests congregate during parties. A single overhead fixture, or a florescent panel (Heaven help us!), simply won’t do. In order to best illuminate your space, layering your lights is the way to go. There are four main categories of lights to consider. For a truly bright idea, mix and match as needed:

Kitchen Stovetop JOH960

Task Lighting

You’ll find this lighting in the places where you complete certain tasks, such as chopping vegetables and reading recipes. Task lighting is usually located under cabinets, inside pantries, and over kitchen islands. Some of our favorite cabinet lighting comes from Hafele  and Tresco. Any of their task lighting options will make kitchen work feel like a vacation.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can add depth and dimension to a kitchen. Putting a literal spotlight on certain spaces is a great way to highlight your favorite features. Is there a piece of original artwork of which you’re especially proud? A collection of Wedgewood plates inherited from your great-great-great grandmother? A beautiful piece of Italian just above the sink? A well-placed accent light is the perfect way to let those personal touches shine.

Kitchen Island NES960

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting can bring drama and personality to any kitchen. Some of our favorite providers of beautiful and well-made decorative lighting products include chandeliers from Kichler, and pendants from LBL. And we can’t forget Arterior and their wonderful selection of sconces.

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Ambient Lighting

With the growing popularity of open floor plans, a warm and cozy kitchen that makes people look and feel good is more important than ever. This is exactly what you’ll achieve with a lighting plan that includes layering. By using a variety of lights throughout the kitchen you’ll create a space that truly glows, and a kitchen that’s a pleasure to spend time in.  Are you ready to light up your life? If so, call Kitchen & Bath Design Studio today, and let’s flip that switch!