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Our approach is centered around you. From discovering your goals, budget and lifestyle to final walk-through, we’re with you every step. Your professionally trained, spatially gifted, up-on-the-latest-trends designer will be your renovation sherpa, guiding you all the way to the fruition of your vision. It’s a true collaboration that makes the entire process not only easier, but dare we say delightful.

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Design Phases

Ah, the joys of knowing what to expect. Although the steps may vary, the guide below outlines the general flow of how we achieve a successful kitchen or bath project. Typically we like to meet with you in two-week increments, unless time requirements dictate otherwise.


PRE-WORK: The Agreement

Once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll enter into a written agreement that reserves our time to complete a comprehensive set of plans for your kitchen or bath. In exchange for investing our time, experience and talents, you agree to compensate us for those services by making a design retainer deposit. Of course your deposit is appropriately credited toward your final contract.


PHASE ONE: Preliminary Design

  • Confirm project goals and scope of work

  • Refine project budget

  • Brainstorm general layout options

  • Conduct job site inspection and field measurements

  • Draft initial floor plans/layouts and other project considerations

PHASE TWO: Design Development

    Get ready for frequent meetings during this phase so we can finalize a more detailed plan of action.

  • Present conceptual floor plans: (schematics, spatial relationships, scale and placement), discussing the merits of each

  • Coordinate aesthetics: includes selection of cabinetry, finishes and materials; discuss options; related costs decisions are made

  • Provide technical drafting and project refinement: includes detailed drawings, elevations and/or sketches that focus on the technical or functional aspects of the project

  • Prepare detailed cost analysis: includes detailed cost proposal and project specifications summarizing project goals

  • Most design issues will be resolved here, though some refining may occur in the final phases

PHASE THREE: Final Contract

  • Confirm final agreement: includes review of responsibilities and estimated construction plan

  • Begin ordering materials

PHASE FOUR: The Installation

  • Provide final construction documents to trade partners

  • Demolition and installation

  • Coordinate materials and aid the contractor’s efforts to build the project as specified

PHASE FIVE: Project Completion

  • Complete final walk-through conference

  • Create punch list including documentation of any warranty items

  • Complete project to client satisfaction

  • Receive warranty statement

  • Review client care and maintenance kit


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