Designers vs. DIY and Big Box Design

You know that old adage, “It never hurts to try”? Well, when it comes to renovating or upgrading your kitchen, you have a few options: trying to do it yourself (DIY),  going with the “free” kitchen design services (Free) provided by the mega home improvement retailers, or working with kitchen design professionals (Pros).  The first two options may not be as simple, painless, or cost effective as you imagine. Here are four advantages to hiring professional bath & kitchen design in Wilmington NC:

#1 Knowledge

DIY: You can read hundreds of blogs online, talk to professionals and watch how-to videos, but you’ll still be missing a key component: experience. Do you really have the time and financial resources to overcome a learning curve of this magnitude?
Free: The information provided when you take advantage of “free” design services is often useful, but remember that these recommendations are generally dependent on the product lines, the software and the accuracy of the information you provide– the person creating your “free” design won’t come to your home and do a walk-through with you.
Pros: Professional Kitchen & Bath Designers have design degrees, experience, and ongoing training to stay on top of all of the latest requirements and trends in the kitchen and bath industry. In addition, they take into account such important aspects as ergonomics and multi-functional design.

#2 Convenience

DIY: Do you enjoy the thought of driving around town – sometimes out of town – to meet with and oversee multiple suppliers and installers? Do you want to give up weeks of your free time to devote to your project? If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, you probably don’t want to do it yourself.
Free: We give credit to the home improvement stores for the convenience of their immediate delivery. However, that convenience quickly flies out the window in the face of a problematic installation, which you’re responsible for rectifying.
Pros: Kitchen & Bath Designers can tailor your kitchen to your current needs, yet make it adaptable for others – a key feature if you plan to sell your home in the future. They also coordinate the project from start to finish: they hire the service providers, order the materials, and solve any of the unforeseen hiccups that are an inevitable part of any home building or renovation project. The result: convenient design and convenient installation.

#3 Materials

DIY and Free: These can be grouped together because most likely, if you’re doing it yourself, you’ll head down to the closest home improvement store to purchase your materials. Your choices of lumber, hardware and accessories are limited to what they carry and/or have in stock.
Pros: Kitchen & Bath Designers partner with quality vendors who offer an extensive array of unique, higher-end products and materials to meet every style and need.

#4 Cost

DIY: You will discover that actual savings may not be significantly lower (and sometimes end up costing more) than a professional designer. In addition, waiting for materials to go on sale will delay the completion of your project, and selecting the lowest-priced item on the shelf limits your choices.
Free: The design service may or may not be “free”; check this out carefully, particularly if you are asked to sign anything. To cite another old adage, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Beware of a “free” designer who is pushing or heavily promoting a specific product line which may not be a match for your needs.
Pro: Kitchen & Bath Designers understand that homeowners have budgets. By making sure you don’t waste your energy and blow your budget buying the wrong items, a classically trained designer will actually save you money. And because they can provide high-quality materials, a kitchen and bath design professional can create value for your lifestyle and a better long-term ROI.

Retaining a professional Kitchen & Bath Designer means partnering with an experienced, trusted consultant who is going to work with you from start to finish; someone who can bring your ideas and wishes to life and recommend options that you never knew were possible. Initially, you may veer toward DIY or “free” design because you know what you want (which is great!); but, it’s important to remember that the strength a professional Bath & Kitchen Design in Wilmington NC company has is that they know how to help you achieve it.