Show Us Your Drawers!

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This oft-repeated quote has been around since the 17th century, and it’s as relevant now as it was then. When everything has a place, our homes become effortlessly tidy, better organized, and a pleasure to be in. We can find what we’re looking for immediately, and the tools we need are always close at hand. One place where this quote truly comes to life is in our kitchen drawers.

Drawers are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They keep our cutlery organized, corral our spare batteries and post-it notes, and provide a safe home for everything from serving spoons to spices. But just because drawers do their job quietly doesn’t mean they don’t deserve their due. Consider this post an ode to the humble kitchen cabinet drawers and doors, and a show-stopping reveal of the new ways they’re helping us find a place for everything.

Corner Drawer:  Corner drawers tend to become the “no man’s land” of the kitchen. Awkwardly placed, tough to maneuver, and often accessed by crawling on hands and knees, they’re sometimes left completely empty just to avoid a headache. You can sidestep this sad fate in your kitchen by installing corner drawers, which can be pulled away from those hard-to-reach spots. Durasupreme has a whole line of corner storage solutions, so finding the right answer for your space is easier than ever.

great use for a corner cabinet

Dish Drawer:  Most people store dishes in their upper cabinets, but constantly reaching for a plate or bowl—especially if you have small children or you’re on the short side yourself—can be annoying. Solve this problem by storing plates at a comfortable height in a deep and sturdy drawer. Cabico makes a plate rack insert with adjustable pegs, which can make the transformation almost instantaneous.

Cookie Sheet Drawer:  Tired of rifling through a jumble of cookie sheets, muffin tins, broiler pans, cooling racks, and cutting boards every time you want to whip up a batch of Grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies? Install a divided drawer, which will give each of these essential tools a slot of its own to call home. When cookies are at stake, time is of the essence!

Dura Supreme TexturedKitchen-23

Utensil Drawer:  If you’ve ever ended up with a spoon when you meant to grab a fork, you know that the traditional silverware organizer leaves something to be desired. Why not try a clever utensil built-in instead? It keeps serving spoons, spatulas, and silverware conveniently in check and—more importantly—off the counter top. Install it close to where the dishes are kept, and setting the table for supper will be a breeze.

Spice Drawer:  One of the best parts of a designing a kitchen is that you can take your unique needs into account, creating a space perfectly suited to you. For avid chefs and devout foodies, a convenient and spacious place to store their spice collection is a must. Ditch the rack and spice up your space with some of our favorite drawer designs, compliments of Durasupreme.

To read this kitchen design story, click on the image.

To read this kitchen design story, click on the image.

Below Cabinet Drawer:  If you’re short on space and big on ideas, a below-cabinet drawer is a great way to eek out some extra storage. Simply remove the front piece of wood, called the toe-kick, install drawer slides, and insert a drawer. This update is nearly invisible, but the possibilities are huge. Use these wide, flat spaces to store anything from a stepladder, to extra cookie sheets, to holiday linens.

Dog Bowl Drawer:  As anyone with a furry friend knows, animals are often considered important members of the family. Honor this connection by including Fido in your kitchen remodel plans. Store his food and water bowls in a roll out drawer,  and pour his a food into a handy kibble drawer. He’ll thank you with endless loyalty!


We hope you enjoyed this tour of kitchen cabinet drawers and doors. If you’re ready to open yourself up to new possibilities, give Kitchen and Bath Design Studio a call today.