Unique Designs for One-Of-A-Kind Characters

Four Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas for Fanciful Personalities


We have a confession to make. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t actually the best part of our job. The real highlight, the thing that inspires us to wake up every day ready to design, is the people. To us, there’s nothing better than creating the perfect space for a one-of-kind character or a unique family. We love it so much that sometimes we daydream about kitchen and bathroom design ideas for specific kinds of people…

barn doorThe Country Chic Chef

This chef lives just outside of town, where the fields roll on forever and the pace is just a little bit slower. She has a huge garden outside her kitchen window, where she grows tomatoes and herbs for her recipes. Inside the kitchen, her style is comfortable but chic. A mason jar chandelier hangs over her farmhouse table, and the kitchen island is lined on one side by tractor seat stools. A barn door slides open to a large pantry, stocked with an assortment of flour, sugar, and black eyed peas. In the center of it all, a deep sink crowned by a high arc faucet makes recipe prep and kitchen clean up a breeze.

The Big Apple Ad Executive

This might be the city that never sleeps, but it still has to eat. On weeknights our big time advertising executive orders in, but the weekends are for relaxing and unwinding after all those long hours at the office. He can’t help but carry over that graphic sensibility, though. His kitchen is black and white, with pops of red. Three large letters mounted to the wall (E A and T, of course), a retro refrigerator, and red appliances pull it together. Instead of a table he eats at a narrow bar, perched on a chrome stool while paging through the Sunday Times.

The Wandering Traveler

She’s been all over the world, from Bali to Bermuda, but she always comes back home. Each time she returns, she looks forward to the moment when she’ll stand at her counter, preparing a simple meal – curry and rice, made with spices she brought home from her last trip. All around her are the trinkets she’s collected over the years. Masks mounted to the walls, tiny statues lining the windowsill, a huge spice rack she lugged all the way home from Indonesia. A large, round light, as big as the globe she’s trotted around, hangs over her kitchen table, which is covered with a batik shawl she picked up in India. Open shelves allow her to store her clay bowls and handmade mugs where she can see them, creating the comfortable chaos she craves.

The Marine Biologist by the Sea

When he was offered a job teaching marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, it was a dream come true. He, his wife, and their two children moved immediately to a bungalow at Wrightsville Beach, where they spend every spare moment down by the sea. In their home, nautical touches and natural wonders abound. From the kitchen table made from driftwood, to the round window over the sink, to the curtains made from sails, it’s almost like being on the ocean – which is exactly what the family wanted. Whether they’re grilling their latest catch over their wood burning stove, or planning their next kayak trip while gazing at the large map of the coast painted directly on the wall,  they’re never far from their next adventure.