Four Kitchen Faucets to Inspire Your Next Home Design

Anyone who’s watched HGTV for more than fifteen minutes has seen the iconic commercial for kitchen faucets. To refresh your memory: a couple walks through an architect’s office, listening to him ramble about his many accomplishments. When he finally asks them what they need, the woman places a single, elegant faucet on his desk. The idea is that this humble plumbing fixture can and should serve as the design inspiration for everything in the house.

While it may seem like little more than a clever bit of marketing, the concept is not that far-fetched. Believe it or not, a faucet can set the tone for your home in ways you never dreamed. This is especially true as the open floor plan becomes more and more popular – kitchens, along with their hardware, are no longer tucked away, but have taken their rightful position as the heart of the home. Suddenly, the smallest details have a bigger-than-ever impact.

From sleek and minimalist to sumptuously curvaceous, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite centerpiece-worthy faucets. We hope that one of them will inspire your next project.


Waterfall Kitchen Faucets

For the minimalist home, a waterfall faucet is a great choice. Made of metal and glass, with clean, uncomplicated lines, it delivers water in a seamless stream. If you’ve got a flair for drama and enjoy surprises, consider including an LED light within the faucet to create a beautiful light display whenever water is flowing. While the design itself is simple, waterfall faucets are still uncommon, which means they’ll elicit a lingering glance from anyone watching. A design that makes you pause and notice the things that are usually taken for granted? Washing your hands has never felt so Zen.

High Arc Kichen Faucets

Elegant, contemporary, and easy to use, high arc faucets are beautiful and versatile. They’re also a bold statement for any kitchen, rising from the sink and cresting over the counter in a way that demands attention. We love high arc faucets because even the biggest pasta pot is easy to slip beneath them for effortless filling, and because they inspire visions of gourmet dining, sumptuous living, and comfortable design. A home with a high arc faucet is one which welcomes you in, hands you a glass of wine, and invites you to make yourself comfortable.

No-Touch Kitchen Faucets

These futuristic faucets and fittings have sensors located along their spouts and handles, and are turned on with a simple tap. While this might seem like something straight out of the Jetsons’ home, it’s a great option for busy moms who always have their hands full or budding chefs who often find themselves with messy hands. No-touch faucets aren’t just convenient, they also offer germ protection. Installing one might inspire you to rethink the efficiency of other areas in your home, cultivating a design that prizes both common sense and sensibility.

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucets

If you’re short on counter space, a wall mounted faucet might be for you. Less ornamental than some of its flashier counterparts, its beauty lies in its subtle appearance. Don’t be fooled, though – a wall mounted faucet makes a statement, and it can inspire you to embrace a simple design aesthetic that feels intentional and modern at the same time. Wall mounted faucets come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional fixtures embedded in the wall, to a single spout that arcs water gracefully into the sink. The best thing about this fixture, however, is the limitless possibilities it inspires. Putting a faucet on the wall is freeing, and it prompts us to ask the best design question of all: what next?