How Our Cabinetry Distinguishes Itself from Big-Box Stock Cabinetry

If you’ve decided to upgrade or renovate your kitchen, you’re in luck. Never before have there been so many options from which to choose. You can easily create a custom kitchen with custom cabinets in Wilmington NC that not only meets your budget, space constraints, and time frame, but also achieves your vision of functionality and style. To help you make sense of the vast array of options available to you, Kitchen & Bath Design Studio has outlined the three industry-standard cabinet types available to today’s homeowners.


Stock Cabinets: Meet Your Basic Needs at an Economical Price

When homeowners decide to renovate or update a kitchen, they often visit big-box home improvement stores to gather ideas and inspiration. But their visit may leave them feeling, well, less than inspired. While in-store displays showcase complete cabinet sets, each set is sold as-is. What this means is that if you like the pull-out spice rack in one display and the built-in bookcase in a different display, you can’t incorporate those features into yet another set of cabinetry across the aisle that beckons you with its cabinet color.

Big-box retailers provide mass-produced, prefabricated stock cabinetry. There is nothing inherently wrong with these cabinets; in fact, they are often well constructed. We recognize that there is a need for these types of units, particularly if you are updating a rental home or are on a limited budget. And yes, it’s convenient that the cabinets are available for immediate delivery. The tradeoff, however, is that there are, as mentioned earlier, no customizable features or dimensions—what you see is what you get.  And, since these cabinets come in standard sizes and dimensions, if you’re trying to fit cabinetry in a space with unique dimensions, good luck.

If you’re looking for more than what mainstream retailers can provide, then Kitchen & Bath Design Studio encourages you to peruse our semi-custom and custom offerings. We have partnered with three quality vendors – Cabico, Durasupreme and Six Square – to provide our clients with the best craftsmanship and materials available.


Semi-Custom Cabinets: Showcase Your Unique Style at a Reasonable Price

Like its stock counterpart, semi-custom cabinets begin with standard, predetermined elements. The similarities end there, however. Freedom abounds– in both design and functionality– when a designer helps you select semi-custom cabinets. Everything from customizable panels and storage solutions to contemporary and traditional styling are available.

Of course, to achieve a truly tailored appearance, your kitchen needs more than just customized panels and hidden storage compartments. That’s why we also offer attractive focal features such as countertop supports, tapered legs, overlay fillers, valances, corbels, moldings, wood range hoods, open shelf-end bases, and more. These extra touches combine to create a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen.


Custom Cabinets: Create a Signature Design at a Distinguished Price

Custom cabinetry does not utilize prefabricated boxes. Everything is completely hand-crafted out of the materials of your choice according to the unique dimensions of your space. Want to use environmentally friendly bamboo or lyptus – a variation of the Eucalyptus plant? Not a problem.  Want to add counter and/or storage space? Leave it to us. And of course, all of the semi-custom features apply to custom cabinetry as well. Homeowners who don’t mind the extended time frame and significantly higher price points that accompany a custom project may find this option especially rewarding.

Kitchen & Bath Design Studio’s semi-custom and custom cabinetry not only provides the superior construction and precision joinery that discerning homeowners expect, but also at prices they respect.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve a kitchen as extraordinary as your individual style.