Haas Cabinet embodies the soul of the American handmade cabinet. With three generations of family ownership, Haas proudly espouses its intention to continue the family tradition of making cabinetry in the United States with American lumber. Rather than seeking expansion, Haas continues to to do what it does best – crafting handmade cabinets.

Kitchen and Bath Design Studio is proud to work with some of the most devoted cabinet designers and producers in the industry, and we are delighted to include Haas Cabinet in that group. Haas manages its own plants, located in their home state of Indiana. In order to focus solely on the creation of a superior product, Haas does not handle sales or marketing of their products, preferring instead to offer their cabinetry via trusted design studios and dealers. For further quality assurance, a Haas handmade cabinet doesn’t leave the company’s hands until it arrives in our showroom – Haas even operates its own line of trucks to ship its products.

Each component of a Haas cabinet, from drawer boxes to frames, is handmade by the company itself. No kits here – every piece is fabricated in the company’s plant, meaning you get much more than just pretty cabinet doors! Your cabinetry is made with the same proud dedication to the Haas name as the company’s very first cabinets, made over 70 years ago.

Haas’ full life cycle commitment extends all the way back to the wood itself. Rather than sourcing wood from other countries that may not follow strict ecological guidelines, Haas woodworkers source and process over 90% of the wood they use right in their own backyard. The Ohio Valley has long been famed for its superior quality of hardwoods, and the Haas Cabinet company was born of that tradition. The Haas dedication to “green” business practices is far more than just a trend – policies to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible are what have kept Haas Cabinet going since 1939.

An all-American product like Haas is classic, yet anything but standard. Haas’ made-to-order philosophy eliminates kits and extraneous parts, making each venture truly one-of-a-kind. A Haas Cabinet remodel will feature exactly what you need, the way you need it, with nothing extraneous or wasteful. Made-to-order, Haas cabinets can be built to suit a wide variety of design visions, from bright and sleek modern kitchens to rustic, warm mahogany pantries. The fully customizable options provided by Haas’ wood grains, finishes, and door models are suitable for any kitchen, classic or contemporary.  You’ll enjoy the confidence of a strong product fully backed by decades of development, a family’s passion for woodworking design, and the support of a Haas warranty.

Haas does not sell its cabinets directly to consumers. They can only be obtained through approved partners like Kitchen and Bath Design Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our designers to see how fully customizable Haas cabinetry can find a place in your home.