The Emotional Roller Coaster of Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Projects

“Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but it’s your choice whether to scream or enjoy the ride.”

Roller coaster_no_margins

While the above quote applies to life, it can also be true for kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Just like a roller coaster, the design process includes the highest highs and the lowest lows; there are twists, turns, dips, and uphill climbs followed by exhilarating rushes. Invoking fear and pure bliss, part of the fun of a roller coaster is the knowledge that no matter how ‘wild’ the ride, in the end you’ll be just fine. The next time you’re staring in open-mouthed horror at the gaping hole contractors just made in your wall, think about the stages of a roller coaster and find comfort in the fact that emotionally, you’re right on track:

Stage One: Anticipation

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for years. You’ve planned for months (typically 3-6), pinning what seemed like a thousand inspirational images, meeting with your kitchen and bath designer multiple times, selecting materials, and submitting all the necessary paperwork for contracts and permits. Yes, there was that moment when you gasped at what you’d need to budget for this adventure, but you’re confident that you’re in the place where your design dreams will come true and your new kitchen or bath will indeed be “The Happiest Place on Earth”. Thanks to your designer’s expertise and guidance, it’s been a walk in the (amusement) park, and you’re ready to enjoy the main attraction. You slide into the roller coaster ride and pull the safety lever down. Let the fun begin!

Stage Two: Fun

The roller coaster groans into motion and pulls out onto the tracks, building speed. You shriek with joy at those first few twists and turns. This is the moment the demolition or construction begins. How exciting to see that dated dividing wall knocked down to reveal a room that now looks twice as large! How thrilling to turn a bend to discover that the framing is now in place for your new walk-in pantry or linen closet. You’re doing it and you’re loving this long-awaited adventure!

Stage Three: Fear

The powerful machine begins rattling up a steep incline. And although it’s fun for a little while, at some point (think: the last 20% of that uphill climb), you start to feel nervous and your spouse is feeling nauseous. You wonder if the seemingly never-ending climb will end. When faced with another week of broken plaster, dusty floors and gaping holes where functioning appliances used to live, you begin to doubt your decisions. Perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Is it too late to put that wall back where it was and forget the whole thing? Is the roller coaster falling off its track? Seriously, are we still going uphill? You want to scream, “Someone, get me off this ride!” but you know it’s too late to turn back. Just close your eyes and hold on tight….

Stage Four: Excitement

As you approach the top of the hill and crest over the edge, your fear is suddenly replaced with excitement. Your trim and cabinetry have arrived and you start to visualize what lays ahead – the exhilarating downhill rush, the feeling of freedom, the thrill of the ride. Your countertops are installed, the tile is in place, and you are falling in love with that new paint color. The end is in sight, and it looks beautiful.

Stage Five: Trepidation

But…whoa… what was that bump? Just when you thought the chills and spills were over, just when you’d forgotten that the first rule of roller coasters (and remodeling) is: “Expect the unexpected,” there is one more surprise twist. You’ve made it this far, so you know you can stomach those butterflies one last time.

Stage Six: Elation

As you sail downhill and coast to a stop, your cheeks are flushed, your hair is wild, and you can’t stop grinning. You’ve just had the ride of your life, and you know that if it weren’t for those fearful moments, the thrills of kitchen and bath remodeling projects wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. As the safety lever lifts and you step off the roller coaster and into your newly designed space, you may be ready to just recover, relax and reminisce. Or, you may already be thinking about which room you’ll take for a ride next!

If you’re thinking about riding the roller coaster of a kitchen or bath design project, let Kitchen & Bath Design Studio be the safety lever that keeps you on track. Call us today to discuss your ideas, and let the fun begin!