Isn’t that a cute photo? It’s me. My name is Emma, and I’m a Beabull, which is beagle-bull dog mix. I’m so important to Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, I have two titles: Studio Ambassador and Custom Pet Cabinetry Consultant. I spend a lot of time greeting people in the showroom and testing cabinetry designed for furry four-legged family members.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy long walks on the beach, the finest gourmet treats, and leisurely naps at home with Meghan, who is also a designer at Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. Clearly, a flair for design runs in our family!

As a Custom Pet Cabinetry Consultant, I specialize in four-legged cabinetry features. Just in case you don’t know, a four-legged cabinetry feature is any design option that takes your furry family members into account. For example, in the Kitchen & Bath Design Studio showroom, I have my very own bed built directly into the cabinetry. It’s perfect for power naps between business meetings and consultations. It also makes it easy to roll over for belly rubs.

While having a permanent spot for my bed is wonderful, there are plenty of other features that will have your four-legged friends wagging their tails or purring with joy. Here are a few of my favorites:

Food and Water Station: You keep your own dishes in cabinets, so why should mine sit out all day? I like to store them in a pull out drawer, so they’re easy to access at mealtime, but don’t get in the way when I’m trying to play.

Dog-PhotoUnder Cabinet Lighting:  These lights make it easier for me to complete my midnight patrol of the house, and to find my way to my water bowl when I need a drink in the middle of the night.

Kibble Drawer: Instead of a big bag of dog food that flops over and takes up space in the corner of the room or the bottom of the pantry, a special drawer for my kibble keeps things tasting fresh and looking fancy.

Bark-Activated Treat Dispenser: This feature hasn’t been invented yet, but trust me—I’ve working on it. A doggie designer’s work is never done!

I hope these ideas have inspired you to design your next kitchen, office, or studio, with your four-legged friends in mind. If you have any questions, come down to the showroom where we can sit, stay, and then shake on the perfect solution for you.