From Bubbles to Baubles: Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Bathroom /

According to Michael Kors, “Accessories are the exclamation point for a woman.” The same logic can be applied when accessorizing other things, such as your bathroom. Why settle for a utilitarian powder room when, with a few minor accessories and updates, you can create a sanctuary? If you’re not sure where to begin, read on […]

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Light Up Your Kitchen With These Bright Ideas /

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” ~Aaron Rose   Task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, ambient lighting; as the old adage goes, “Lighting is everything.” We all know brides look best in soft, natural light, and that a single candle can make an everyday dinner suddenly special. Yet when it […]

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Unique Designs for One-Of-A-Kind Characters /

Four Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas for Fanciful Personalities   We have a confession to make. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t actually the best part of our job. The real highlight, the thing that inspires us to wake up every day ready to design, is the people. To us, there’s nothing better than creating the perfect […]

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