Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen – Part 1 /

Stone Countertops The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we feed our families, catch up over coffee, and drink wine during parties. So it makes sense that this room, above all others, should be a place that invites us in and asks us to linger. At Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, we […]

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Choosing the Right Countertops for Your Kitchen – Part 2 /

Wood, Laminate, Steel and Non-Stone Materials In the first half of our kitchen countertop series, we discussed natural stone options, which are durable and beautiful. However, there’s a whole world of non-stone materials to consider, any of which can transform a kitchen from blah to ooh la la. As we reminded you in part one, […]

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Designers vs. DIY and Big Box Design /

You know that old adage, “It never hurts to try”? Well, when it comes to renovating or upgrading your kitchen, you have a few options: trying to do it yourself (DIY),  going with the “free” kitchen design services (Free) provided by the mega home improvement retailers, or working with kitchen design professionals (Pros).  The first […]

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Unique Designs for One-Of-A-Kind Characters /

Four Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas for Fanciful Personalities   We have a confession to make. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t actually the best part of our job. The real highlight, the thing that inspires us to wake up every day ready to design, is the people. To us, there’s nothing better than creating the perfect […]

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