Designers vs. DIY and Big Box Design /

You know that old adage, “It never hurts to try”? Well, when it comes to renovating or upgrading your kitchen, you have a few options: trying to do it yourself (DIY),  going with the “free” kitchen design services (Free) provided by the mega home improvement retailers, or working with kitchen design professionals (Pros).  The first […]

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How Our Cabinetry Distinguishes Itself from Big-Box Stock Cabinetry /

If you’ve decided to upgrade or renovate your kitchen, you’re in luck. Never before have there been so many options from which to choose. You can easily create a custom kitchen with custom cabinets in Wilmington NC that not only meets your budget, space constraints, and time frame, but also achieves your vision of functionality […]

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Dura Supreme Cabinetry Now Offering Stainless Steel Drawers and Roll-Out Shelves /

As a dealer of Dura Supreme Cabinetry, Kitchen and Bath Design Studio in Wilmington, NC is thrilled to announce their new product offerings: stainless steel drawers and roll out trays. Dura Supreme Cabinetry has introduced new Stainless Steel Drawers and Roll-Out Shelves for their Alectra Cabinetry (Frameless/Full-Access product line). For a limited time, this new […]

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Unique Designs for One-Of-A-Kind Characters /

Four Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas for Fanciful Personalities   We have a confession to make. Kitchens and bathrooms aren’t actually the best part of our job. The real highlight, the thing that inspires us to wake up every day ready to design, is the people. To us, there’s nothing better than creating the perfect […]

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Dramatic Cabinet Finishes /

Two NEW dramatic cabinet finishes available from Dura Supreme Weathered and Heritage Paint Collections: These two new finish collections have an authentic “reclaimed” look and a color palette of neutral and gray tones that are so popular today. Weathered Finish Dura Supreme’s new Weathered finishes are a one-of-a-kind look that portrays wood that has been […]

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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Kitchen Cabinets /

One of the most important aspects of any kitchen remodel is the cabinetry. While this step might seem purely cosmetic, the beauty of quality kitchen cabinets goes more than skin deep. Not only can new kitchen cabinets change the look of a room, they also offer an opportunity to make your kitchen fully functional and […]

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Show Us Your Drawers! /

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This oft-repeated quote has been around since the 17th century, and it’s as relevant now as it was then. When everything has a place, our homes become effortlessly tidy, better organized, and a pleasure to be in. We can find what we’re looking for immediately, and […]

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The Latest Innovations in Kitchen Cabinets /

All kitchen cabinets are made from the same basic components: doors and drawers, hinges and finish, wood and metal. The ways in which they vary, however, is where you’ll find the magic. You see, behind those doors and inside those drawers, kitchen cabinetry has been enjoying a quiet revolution. The result is a transformation from […]

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