Happiness.  That’s the real goal of a custom space. The breath of fresh air that comes with real comfort and satisfaction. The sense of peace and calm in a relaxing space.

Cabico’s 250+ artisans and woodworkers strive for that level of customization, combining state-of-the-art technology with a comprehensive warranty. The result? Cabinetry that is more than just perfect in the moment, it’s built for life.

Over the last 25 years, Cabico has become one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-end custom cabinetry, and Kitchen and Bath Design Studio proudly offers Cabico custom cabinets at our headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina. Our initial consultative service in our design studio is free of charge, giving you the opportunity to feel as good about your living space as Cabico wants you to feel. Any space can benefit from a cabinetry redesign – don’t limit your vision to purely the kitchen and bathroom.

As a company, Cabico believes that their job isn’t over until you’re happy in your home. Some homeowners come equipped with a vision, a fully realized idea of what their dream kitchen, bathroom, or storage space should look like. For these customers, Cabico offers the Unique Series, distinctly creative, fully customizable handmade cabinetry. You select materials, finishes, details, and more, working alongside our expert designers to bring a dream space to reality.

If your vision is more about feel or inspiration, Cabico offers the Essence Series. Essence Series options are a cultivated and curated selection of cabinetry styles which allow customers to create affordable kitchens and baths with the same high-quality, no-compromise approach to
when it comes to quality.

Seeking more inspiration? The Cabico website offers a gallery of their best and brightest designs, which can be sorted by inspiration, room, and more, giving customers a perfect starting point. Cabico designs are not only beautiful in the catalog and the workshop, they stand out beautifully in the home as well.

Cabico offers more than one hundred pre-designed cabinetry door styles, leaving the ‘door’ wide open for you to create your own custom options. From traditional stains and glazes to modern, bright paint colors, there is even a color matching option. Cabico prides itself on making storage spaces bright and beautiful, turning awkward nooks and crannies in your home into brilliant uses of space. Roll-out and fold-down drawers and trays can be tucked into almost any space, maximizing the storage power of your home while never having to sacrifice any of your own personal design aesthetic whether it’s classic or contemporary.

To find out how Kitchen and Bath Design Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina can incorporate Cabico products into your home, contact us to schedule your initial consultation. During this meeting, our designers can determine the scope of your custom design project and set you on the path to the perfect fusion of aesthetic and practicality.