Bath Remodel Prompts Bathroom Party

The Challenges: In 2000, my husband and I built a new home in a new neighborhood. It only required the occasional routine maintenance until August 2013 when an exterminator discovered water beneath the house. Upon closer examination, we learned that a construction flaw had caused the plumbing to leak, creating structural concerns in areas of the master bathroom. This repair need prompted our decision to update our bathroom with Kitchen & Bath Design Studio.
The Process: My husband, Wayne, is extremely picky. He likes every detail to be just so. For example, we spent days looking at drawer knobs. Days. For me, a knob is a knob is a knob. But for him, every detail matters. Our designer took it all in stride; in fact, her own strong attention to detail made her an ideal match for Wayne. She was helpful and patient. She listened to both of us, and she always found unique solutions that exceeded our expectations. Take our lighting, for example. I liked the existing row of “movie bulbs” above our vanity because they provided lots of light, but our Designer recommended an overhead chandelier and wall sconces on either side of the new “his” and “her” vanities. I was leery (a chandelier in the bathroom?), but indeed the new lighting plan is the perfect finishing touch, allowing for plenty light without any harsh glare. Also, the lighting can now be dimmed for relaxing soaks in our Jacuzzi tub.
Kitchen & Bath Design Studio also amazed us with scheduling; the project was completed in just a few months and finished by the first week of December, which was no small feat, considering that we had four generations living under one roof and our daughter’s wedding in mid-November. Our Designer was always on site when she needed to be and we felt completely comfortable being away from home while construction was underway because every service person recommended by Kitchen & Bath Design Studio–from general contractors to tile installers–was top-notch.
The Result: Our new bathroom is not only beautiful, but also functional, relaxing, and easier to clean. It was well worth every minute and every penny spent. The old shiny green flooring that constantly showed dust has been replaced with beautiful natural stone in earthen colors. The sit-down vanity I never used has been replaced with functional, space-saving matching vanities. The toilet is discreetly tucked behind its own door and the walk-in shower, indispensable for bathing my 92-year-old-father-in-law, is now tucked behind an elegant wall of tempered glass with a waterfall texture instead of an outdated plastic block wall.
The amount of storage that our Designer was able to incorporate into the bathroom is unbelievable. A recessed nook that was formerly unused space just outside the bathroom is now floor-to-ceiling storage for linens and towels. A built-in wall-to-wall cabinet (big enough to store the entire Costco package of toilet paper!) is conveniently located above the toilet. And Wayne and I each have our own separate vanities with plenty of drawer space. In fact, these drawers and cabinets that automatically glide shut are my favorite feature. After a week of using these “life-changing” self-shutting cabinets, I told my husband: “That’s it! We’re remodeling the kitchen next!”
The Final Word: We were so delighted with our new bath remodel, we even considered hosting a bathroom party instead of a holiday party! When family visits, everyone wants to use our luxurious master bath and walk-in shower. The remodel has exceeded our expectations, and at least once a week my hard-to-impress husband will announce, “I love this bathroom!” Coming from him, that is the ultimate endorsement. —Sally Freas