5 Must-Have Features for Your Dream Bathroom

Ask people to describe their dream bathroom ideas, and they might list:  a glass of wine, a bottle of bubbles, and an array of candles.  But at Kitchen and Bath Design Studio, we see no reason to stop there.  To create a serene, spa-like experience in your bathroom, consider the details that take a space from simply comfortable to decadently luxurious; they aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore – especially when you have a designer helping you turn that dream into a reality. For inspiration, we’ve collected find five features we consider must-haves for the ultimate bathroom experience.

Fireside Tub

A deep soaking tub in front of a see-through fireplace allows you to relax in the bath while watching flames flicker on the water. Not only does the warmth of a beautiful fire make the room warmer, but staring into the flames is the perfect way to relax, renew, and rejuvenate.


Multi-Media Adaptations

Listening to classical music when you take a bath can help you unwind, while watching the news as you get ready for the day can help prepare you for whatever the world has in store. Because of these needs, many of today’s luxury bathrooms include a multi-media component. Whether it’s an LCD TV screen incorporated into the cabinet doors, or an electrical shelf that includes a jack for an MP3 device, you can access the world from the comfort of your spa. These devices also allow you to spend more time in your bathroom – no need to rush through your evening soak because your favorite television show is about to start.

Comfortable Seating

A plush seating area in your bathroom, preferably in a patch of natural light, is the kind of small detail that makes a big difference. Whether you recline in the space while waiting for the tub to fill, or want a comfortable spot to give yourself a pedicure, this particular chair or bench will quickly become the best seat in the house. Because the bathroom is an area that is often humid and damp, outdoor seating fabric is the best choice for comfort with good looks that will last.


Floor Heating and Towel Warming Bars

For true head-to-toe comfort, floor heating is incredibly effective. Imagine stepping out of the shower and on to a toasty floor, or padding into your bathroom on a cold winter morning and feeling instantly soothed. It’s an indulgence we highly recommend. Another luxury that’s just as lovely is a towel warming bar. Gone are the days of throwing your towel in the dryer while you shower, then running, wet and dripping, to retrieve it. Now, it can reach a perfectly toasty temperature right within reach.

A Morning Kitchen

We’re not suggesting you should scramble eggs and fry bacon in the bathtub. We’re merely saying reserving a spot near your closet or vanity is a lovely place to stash the supplies for that first blissful cup of coffee. A small espresso maker and a little sugar can go a long way toward ensuring you start your day in the best possible way.

When it comes to your dream bathroom, what are your must-have features? Let us know, and Kitchen and Bath Design Studio will make those dreams come true.